Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Bite an Ear? Here’s Some Bread and Water

Written by Angel Rodriguez on June 27, 2013

Fagin_in_the_condemned_Cell_(Oliver_Twist)I live in New York City, an ultra liberal haven. Needless to say that most people I encounter on a daily basis despise Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Popular opinion around here is that he is a racist, anti-Mexican, abusive, evil piece of white trash that needs to die already. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s style and I hope he lives for another 80 years! I think that his logic for the most part is a beautiful thing.

Allow me to provide an excellent example: Sheriff Joe does not believe in early release from prison for inmates, especially due to prison overcrowding. His solution? Build a Tent city. His quote, and I paraphrase here: “If tents in the desert are good enough for our boys fighting a war in Iraq and Afghanistan, then they are more than good enough for what these criminals deserve.”  I agree 100 percent. Doesn’t it make sense?

For you free-love, tree hugging types out there that think this is “inhumane treatment” of prisoners, I have one question for you, just one! Are you telling me that these low life criminals deserve better treatment than our sons and daughters willingly fighting for our country in a war?

I often wonder if prison is really enough though. I recently read about how a female detention officer, Rachel Harris, who works in an Arizona jail has had to undergo corrective ear surgery after being attacked by an inmate. Harris will require several more cosmetic surgeries to repair the damaged part of her ear that was bitten off when an inmate jumped her during a routine cell check. Bobby Ruiz attacked the young woman and literally bit off a part of her ear! You think he is a fan of Tyson?

According to information shared by Sheriff Joe, other inmates came to her aid and helped stop Ruiz before he could inflict further damage to her. It is not officially announced, but the noise is that those inmates really worked Ruiz over. I hope it is true.  For their heroic actions those inmates have been rewarded with pizza! Regardless of why they are in there, I give mega kudos to those guys for helping her out. Pizza well earned, enjoy!

Now based on what you have read so far above, there are many different directions I can take this piece. For instance, I can talk about “Equal rights”, and how this very small woman really has no business working in a jail where the inmates roam freely. I could say that her being there is like having a piece of fresh, delicious, bloody meat in a pool full of sharks. Even if these sharks have been in captivity since birth and fed a steady supply of food, once the blood makes contact, the frenzy begins. We men, when deprived of a woman for a long time, are no different.

But that’s not the direction I am taking this piece. My question here is, was the punishment Ruiz received enough? As per a Sheriff Joe, Ruiz has been placed on lock down and will only be fed bread and water. The problem I have with that is that I have had periods of my life where all I had was just bread and water! I’ll tell you, a piece of bread, when it is all you get, it is absolutely delicious. Does Ruiz deserve that much? What about the pain and suffering that officer Harris is going through, does this punishment suffice? Does it fit the crime?

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