There’s No Other Way to Say It: Islam S**ks

Written by Pete Parker on June 10, 2013

-Freedom_go_to_hell-Islam sucks!

There’s simply no other way to describe an ideology that has created such pain and suffering on a global scale. An ideology so insidious and vile – that at its very core – it demands the genital mutilation of young girls and the use of young boys as “cum containers.”

This so-called religion is nothing more than a barbarous political system built on a foundation of misogyny, anti-Semitism and the unfettered hatred of all things Christian.

Lest we forget – in the name of Islam – the Ottoman Empire (modern day Turkey) slaughtered nearly 2 million Armenian Christians between 1915-1916 and 1922-1923. This genocide started with the wholesale butchery of 500,000 poverty stricken Armenians in the capitol city of Istanbul (formerly Constantinople). 

But, sadly, the misery didn’t end in Istanbul. Islam’s appointed spiritual leader – Mohammed el-Husseini (the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem) – helped Adolph Hitler construct one of the most odious and horrific machinations in human history – the “Final Solution.”  

Islam’s destructive influence during World War II resulted in the extermination of millions of Jews. Hitler’s well documented “love affair” with Islam burgeoned as he discovered the doggedly anti-Semitic passages contained within the Koran. Passages such as Sura 5: 60 (which refer to Jews as mere “pigs” deserving of the most repugnant forms of subjugation and execution) were among the Fuhrer’s most quoted.

Over the past 40 years the Christian and Jewish populations of the Middle East have  decreased dramatically. The reason for this substantial drop is very simple: Islamic aggression. 

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Pete Parker is a Navy veteran and former strength athlete who writes about the current issues of the day from a conservative perspective. Pete was also the host of “TUFFTalk” radio which dealt with national security-- and the threat Islam poses to Western Civilization. He is very passionate about preserving our great nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage.