A NATION OF PUSSIES: Is Metrosexuality the New Masculinity?

Published on July 22, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 9.50.40 AMMasculinity is not something given to you, but something you gain. And you gain it by winning small battles with honour
–Norman Mailer

Not content in changing our traditional way of life and subverting our institutions such as government, religion, education systems and the media, Cultural Marxists have begun to challenge the mere concept of who we are, seeking to redefine gender and gender roles in their quest to create a society which is genderless and androgynous, where men and women are defined only by their sex.

Not to be confused with gender equality, the quest for a genderless society has led to the femininisation of males, a crisis in masculinity, where men are not only uncertain in exerting traditional gender attributes and characteristics such as strength, achievement and competitiveness, but are actively rejecting the way of life of their ancestors, embracing a Cultural Marxist phenomenon known as metrosexuality.

Espousers of metrosexuality, metrosexuals are usually typified as being young, affluent men who take excessive pride in their physical appearance, ranging from grooming habits (where they deem the hairless look of a pre-pubescent boy more manly and desirable than the normal look of grown men) to pride in fashion, wearing clothes and colours less commonly associated with men. Other attributes associated with metrosexuality include an interest in culture and the arts, and liberal attitudes to, amongst other things, marriage, abortion and sexual habits, where women are treated merely as sexual objects, to be objectified, used and coveted as mere property and conquests.

You only have to take a look through various media outlets such as magazines, television, cinema and the music industry to see the agenda of Cultural Marxists and liberals that somehow, metrosexuality is now the ultimate expression of masculinity, which itself can only be defined as something expressed through physical appearance or sexual habits.

This is, of course, not only damaging to young men and society as a whole, but a totally absurd assumption and a wholly wrong definition of masculinity, as past men throughout history show. Strong, rugged, unapologetic in his support for gun sports and hunting, and a proud rancher, former President Theodore Roosevelt was a true “man’s man”, unflinching in his bravery and expression of the physical characteristics commonly associated with masculinity and manliness. His speech “The Strenuous Life” remains a great guidebook of manliness and masculinity to many Americans. In his lifetime, Roosevelt was celebrated for his masculinity, lauded by his peers for these aforementioned attributes. Roosevelt remains, almost a century since his death, the epitome of masculinity and manliness. An antithesis to metrosexuality, men like Roosevelt are often criticised for being out of touch, uncultured, unstylish, misogynist, violence-loving, gun-touting maniacs, devoid of any relevant relationship with modern society and culturenot quite recognising this new androgyny in society.

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