JURASSIC ROCK: Mystery Grandma Stuns Drum Shop Staff with Killer Skin-Slapping Skills

Published on July 22, 2013

“Every time she comes in, we think, ‘Man, we should video tape this’ and we finally did,” Coalition Drum Shop manager Dustin Hackworth told News 8 last Friday, referring to the nameless senior citizen who regularly rocks out at the La Crosse, Wisconsin establishment, before disappearing into the night.

It was just another day at the Coalition Drum Shop in La Crosse, Wisconsin, when in came a mysterious grandma who proceeded to blow everyone away… Read…

The shop’s video of the mystery “grandma drummer” went viral late last week, amassing over a million views in just two days, as well as an equal number of demands for the true identity of this everyday superhero.

Her name is Mary Hvizda, WKBT revealed on Saturday.

She’s a 63-year-old from Onalaska who was inspired by her brother to take up drumming at the age of 15.

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