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Abortion Superstar — A Monument for Wendy Davis?

friary_Park_Statue_of_PeaceSo, can we soon expect Wendy Davis’ comely visage to turn up on Mt. Rushmore? 

Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit — how about a representation of the Texas State Senator striking a vainglorious pose alongside “Honest Abe” at the National Mall’s Potomac end? Or a piece of statuary lionizing her somewhere else in America’s capital? If not any of that, maybe, at least, a Lifetime movie patched together licketysplit to memorialize her big moment? 

Ms. Davis is the Texas lawmaker who, June 25,  staged a one-woman, eleven-hour filibuster on the floor of the state legislature, stymieing pro-life legislation (SB-5) which would have banned abortions after twenty weeks. 

When her gambit faltered, leaving sufficient time for the chamber to vote on the measure, approximately four hundred Davis supporters mounted their own opposition effort — some are calling it a “people’s filibuster” — interrupting the proceedings with raucous, chanting outbreaks.

The clock ran out. The bill failed to pass. 

And everything changed for Wendy Davis. A newly ascendant political celebrity for “pro-choice” enthusiasts, and Leftists in general, her name is erupting glowingly all over social media. The Washington Post deems Davis suddenly “on her way to Democratic stardom”. 

Some have breath-catchingly dubbed last Tuesday “the day Wendy stood.”  Other favorable reviews swarming the Fort Worth resident’s pro-abort protest really must be read to be believed. And ironies and incongruities abound —  mind-crampingly ghoulish ones, pretty tough to miss for anyone not implacably wedded to the golly-gee-williker wonderfulness of dismembering unborn babies.

Texas ACLU’s Terri Burke gasped Davis’ move ushered in “the Texas Spring” – alluding to 2010’s widespread Arab uprisings which challenged authoritarianism. “I think the ground shifted in Texas last night”. 

So: Wendy Davis — planet-shaker.

It’s thought-provokingly curious, however, that Burke’s beatific label for Davis’ initiative draws on a “springtime” motif. Ahh, those vernal months – season of rebirth: greening grasses, blooming flowers, cheeping chicks — and unperishing abortion. Here’s to long life for the movement dedicated to keeping those little ones dying!

Also making the rounds: photos of Senator Davis’ flashing a “V”-for-victory sign following SB-5’s rout. Borrowed from Winston Churchill, possibly? The “Great Man”, of course, regularly hoisted the two-fingered gesture while engineering Western Civilization’s rescue from fascist darkness. Ms. Davis? She waved it while doing her part to guarantee Lone Star babies, even five months along in the womb, can still, legally, be torn to pieces. 

Just saying. 

Speaking of photos, a New York Daily News article on Davis featured a beaming portrait of the fifty-year-old, single-mother Democrat and and her two lovely daughters. I always find it disconcerting when pro-abortion banshees make their case while showcasing their non-aborted teen children. I demand the right to snuff out my pre-born offspring — and welcome the support of the children whom I didn’t kill, but whom I should have been permitted to kill had I been so inclined. 

Nahhh, nothing creepy about that, is there.

Sporting pink sneakers that have gone viral, Davis punctuated her process-paralyzing stunt with testimonies of those who would be impacted by the proposed law. reports, “During one heart-wrenching story  describing a woman’s difficult pregnancy, Davis choked up several times and wiped tears.”

Please pass the Kleenex. 

I can’t help but ponder: does the lady from Fort Worth ever wax misty for the tiny ones who, because of legalized child-killing, won’t survive to see daylight? To grow into childhood, into adulthood? To make friends, marry and raise families — or maybe have abortions! —  of their own?

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Steve Pauwels

Steve Pauwels is pastor of Church of the King, Londonderry, NH and host of Striker Radio with Steve Pauwels on the Red State Talk Radio Network. He's also husband to the lovely Maureen and proud father of three fine sons: Mike, Sam and Jake.