Liberals’ Racism, Hate, and Vitriol On Display — Again

Written by Ron Collins on July 23, 2013

snarlThis Jeantel chick is some phenom of uber proportions. A linguistic expert able to articulate multiple cultural nuances of language in a single, incomplete, mostly incoherent, sentence. She cannot read cursive and at 19 years of age has not graduated high school.

The term “cracker”, according to Jeantel, is not racist. Whitey can rest easy now. Trayvon reigning blows down on Zimmerman’s dome was fine too, simply because they assumed he was gay. I guess if you’re a bigot and you fit into the liberal agenda, that’s ok. Speaking of bigoted liberals who get a pass, that creepy cracker Alec Baldwin comes to mind. For all this – she is rewarded with a college scholarship. She is applauded and praised and hoisted on a pedestal for all to marvel and behold. Other media “superstars” think she’s just “amazing”.

Meanwhile, back at the “ranch”…..

Real heroes and winners like Allen West are called names and hated-on for stating the obvious. In response to the women in combat issue, Mr. West said, “ There is no equality in close combat. The goal is simple: you physically overpower the enemy and kill them.” Simple. To the point. True. So he’s a sexist. Also, for stating there is a problem that needs addressing in the black community, Mr. West is a race traitor.

Dr. Ben Carson is a race traitor, Uncle Tom, and a house negro for being unashamed to speak the truth in front of the Lightbringer at a prayer breakfast. Not shy, not ashamed, and not cowering, Dr. Carson said, “PC is dangerous … In this country, one of the founding principles was freedom of thought and freedom of expression. [Political correctness] puts a muzzle on people.” Once again, for simply stating the truth in front of perceived power, Dr. Carson is hammered with racist and bigoted slander and libel by folks sharing the same skin tone as his.

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