ObamaCare Chaos: Government relaxes requirements to obtain subsidies due to out of control costs

Published on July 9, 2013


The cost of subsidies for those seeking government aid through ObamaCare has  increased dramatically, critics say – even before a single dollar has been  collected.

Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah wrote a letter to the administration  asking why the president is already requesting 107 percent more than three years  ago to pay for subsidies.

“They low-balled everything, and they knew they were not asking for enough  money to actually do this,” John Goodman of the National Center for Policy  Analysis said. “And so now they are coming along saying: ‘Oh, we’ve just  discovered we don’t have enough money’.  They should’ve known that from day  one.”

“I don’t think most of America will be shocked that a government project is  coming in over budget,” Jim Capretta of the American Enterprise Institute said.  “It’s the typical story and so yeah it’s probably happening in this case as  well.”

The  remarks followed by days the administration’s announcement it was  easing requirements on those seeking government aid through ObamaCare, making it  easier to apply for subsidies.

White House spokesman Jay Carney portrayed it as another example of  flexibility.

“We have made clear all along when it comes to working with states that we  are flexible with the way that they implement the Affordable Care Act,” he  said.

The Department of Health and Human Services quietly announced Friday it was  tweaking the rules requiring those seeking federal aid for insurance coverage to  prove they actually need the help.

Under the law, those seeking subsidies are supposed to have incomes no higher  than 400 percent of the federal poverty line. Further, they can’t have access to  affordable insurance through their jobs.

The administration looked to the newly created “exchanges” — a blend of  federal- and-state run insurance marketplaces — to verify those facts.  Originally, the administration wanted to launch random checks to verify whether  applicants got insurance through their jobs, and to individually verify  everyone’s income level.

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