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Race-Mongering v. Reality: 10 Facts About the Trayvon Martin Case

Barack Obama’s shameful use of the Zimmerman verdict last Friday during his “surprise” visit to the White House Press Room demonstrates that whether they realized it or not, many Americans effectively voted for Al Sharpton for President. Of course, he’s never been one to let facts get in the way of political expediency. Fortunately for him, he’s never called to account by the slavish media, nor do his low-information, emotionally-driven supporters know the difference.

Forgive me for insinuating facts into this discussion, but just for the record, here’s a list of facts that render nearly everything said in the last two weeks about this case ridiculous and irrelevant.

1. There was not one shred of evidence that the George Zimmerman case had anything to do with race, racial profiling, or any of related subjects of endless babbling on certain cable television outlets, or the disgusting race-baiting employed by Barack Obama to exploit this case for political gain.

2. Other than the testimony of Rachel Jeantel, a prosecution witness, good friend of the late Trayvon Martin, and a “smart cookie,” according to clueless pompous Brit Piers Morgan, there is no evidence that George Zimmerman followed Trayvon Martin after he replied “OK” to the dispatcher who told him “We don’t need you to do that .”

3. During an interview on the Huffington Post, Rachel Jeantel told liberal professor Marc Lamont Hill that, just like the Zimmerman jury and anyone with an ounce of common sense who knows the facts of the case, she believes Trayvon threw the first punch.

4. Trayvon Martin, a dope-smoking, foul-mouthed slacker, suspended from school after 12 pieces of jewelry that matched the description of items reported missing after a burglary at a home near his school were found in his backpack, was exactlythe sort of person a neighborhood watch volunteer would be looking for to protect his home and that of his neighbors.

5. For the reasons stated in the previous paragraph, Trayvon Martin was a perfect subject for the sort of criminal profiling done by police officers every day.

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Teri O'Brien

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