Race-Mongering v. Reality: 10 Facts About the Trayvon Martin Case

Written by Teri O'Brien on July 25, 2013

6. Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law had nothing to do with the Zimmerman trial or the verdict.

7. Trayvon Martin’s “right to stand his ground” didn’t come into play because he initiated the fight.

8. There is no right to “stand your ground” by starting a violent encounter, and then using “ground and pound” MMA tactics against a guy, even if that guy was following you.

9. If Trayvon Martin was a “frightened child” that night, he should have been able to call his father.

10. Despite the silly claims by race hustlers that it’s “open season” on black teenage boys In America, or the hand wringing from television commentators, who whine that they don’t know what to tell their sons if a black “child” can’t even walk home with “Skittles and iced tea,” Trayvon Martin was not shot for wearing a hoodie.

A criminal case is inappropriate venue for trotting out racial grievances stoked by hustlers who couldn’t care a rat’s rear end about the facts of this case, the concept of justice or even the people they claim to want to protect from discrimination. Trayvon Martin is just a mascot for their racialist agenda. It’s time for the Sharptons, Holders and Obamas of the world to accept a reality that is becoming increasingly obvious; that is, people are on to this con. To quote their left-wing pals, it’s time to “move on.” Your act is way out of style.

Image: Flickr: med-9529.jpg; author: ann harkness; Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

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