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Hunt/FishNews Clash


HUNTERS from across NSW have rallied outside State Parliament to attack the State Government for stopping the legal shooting of feral animals in State Forests.

Businessmen in suits, tradies in shorts and work boots, teenagers and old men donned flouro orange caps and vests – the type of safety gear they would have to wear while shooting on public land – criticised Premier Barry O’Farrell for caving in to pressure groups opposed to hunting.Speakers like Shooters and Fishers Party MP Rob Brown said there had been no logical reason why the government had suspended hunting in State Forests until at least October while the safety of shooting on public land is investigated.

Rally speakers also questioned why the government had suspended the Game Council of NSW, which oversaw hunting in State Forests and issued permits to hunt.

The Game Council was suspended after two senior members were found allegedly illegally hunting in western NSW.

John Mumford, who was chairman of the Game Council of NSW, said it had been suspended without any consultation.

He said there had been not one dangerous incident involving hunters shooting feral animals in State Forests since it had been allowed seven years ago.

He said a State forest where he and his two sons, Matthew, 17, and William, 15, hunted had seen a dramatic fall in feral goats..

Holly Phillpott, 12, who attended the rally with her mother Sharon, 42, held a sign saying: “Kids that fish and hunt don’t steal and deal”.


(h/t from John Hahn )