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MUST SEE: O’Reilly Shoot-Out Over Soft School Bus Race Beating Sentence

Bill O’Reilly continued his coverage of the three African-American high school students who were caught on tape beating up a white classmate on a school bus in Florida. O’Reilly was joined by criminal defense attorney Eric Schwartzreich, who said even though this is an “awful, atrocious and heinous crime,” the prosecution’s proposed sentence of nine months probation is not, in O’Reilly’s words, “kind of light.”

O’Reilly agreed that since the boys do not have prior arrests, it makes sense to keep them out of the adult court system for now, but he did argue that the prosecution should seek three years probation, until they are all 18 years old. When Schwartzreich said they should be given leniency because they are children, O’Reilly countered, “they are children who almost killed another kid.”

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