Is Elisa Chan Not Entitled to Her Own Opinion?

Written by Angel Rodriguez on August 27, 2013

That being said, I don’t try and convince any of the those folks to change their minds. They have the right to feel as they do for whatever reasons they may have. Now mind you, this doesn’t apply to someone who attacks or otherwise takes violent action against a gay person, that’s a totally different thing that we cannot tolerate or support.

Elisa Chan may have said some things that some will disagree with, but she didn’t advocate violence or the destruction of gays. She was just stating her opinion during a conversation she felt was confidential. Her opinion, though not popular with some, is her’s to have. In fact, believe it or not, this audio leak may lock down that Republican vote for her in Texas. This aid kid may have inadvertently done her a favor. At the end of the day, if you don’t like what she stands for, then don’t vote for her. It’s as simple as that, that’s the way politics go.

One thing she said that I do agree with is that she doesn’t care what lifestyle anyone lives, so long as they don’t cram it down our throats. I can agree with that. I don’t care what anyone does with their lives, just don’t force it on me and don’t force it on my loved ones. Lately I have seen a lot of that happening, and to be honest, I don’t like it at all.

For instance, I have a major problem with this nonsense going on in California where Governor Jerry Brown has made it ok for boys to use the girls’ bathroom if they are gay or transsexual. I believe that this was also one of the points in the ordinance that Elisa Chan and her team were meant to be discussing during these meetings. I don’t approve of this at all. This is an example of forcing something on me and my children that I don’t approve of. I don’t want boys in a bathroom with my daughter. Period.

Does that mean I hate gays? Does that mean I advocate bullying? No! I don’t hate gays at all, I just don’t want a boy in the bathroom with my daughter. It’s as simple as that.

With a population where 1 in 10 individuals are gay, there is a good chance that you will encounter a gay person in your life and you have to get along.

I mentioned the hateful comments from anti-gay supporters before, but there is the other side of that coin as well. I have expressed my views on the bathroom topic on several other forums, some people have taken my views and twisted them way out of context. Some have called me a bigot while saying that my views are hateful and ignorant. But I ask you what is hateful about not wanting a boy in the bathroom with my young daughter?

These manipulative people try and guilt trip you into changing your stance with either politically correct “statements” or just straight up abuse and attacks. Ironically these attacks are just another form of bullying, the very thing that Governor Jerry Brown is trying to stop with his misguided, ridiculous unisex kids’ bathroom plan. Hypocrites much?

Elisa Chan allegedly said being gay is disgusting, and though I personally don’t agree with her views, she is entitled to her opinion. It works both ways, though. Recently I was hanging out with one of my gay friends and he asked me “If I would ever date a man?”  My response was “No, I have no interest in men.” He seemed taken aback and almost offended by the fact that I am not interested in men, but I told him that this is my choice and he has to respect it just as I respect his. I’m just simply not attracted to men, period! He eventually understood what I was saying.

Do you think that my gay friend offended me in any way? Not at all, he was just asking an honest question and it didn’t hurt me in any way, shape or form. I know a few people that would have probably knocked out his teeth for insinuating that they were gay, by the way. We all have different views and preferences and there is nothing wrong with talking about them.

Unlike me and my gay friend though, Elisa Chan is in a position of power and that makes things a little different. The thing is that when it comes to politics you have a choice. The people’s voice can and will prevail. If you don’t like her views then vote her out of office! If you like her politics, then vote for her. Boom, problem solved, end of story!

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