EPA Employee Stole $886,000 Under Gina McCarthy

Published on August 24, 2013

An Environmental Protection Agency employee knowingly stole more than  $886,000 from the agency, according to a criminal filing from the Department of  Justice.

The alleged fraud occurred in the EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation under the  nose of former administrator Gina McCarthy, who now heads up the entire  agency.

“There appears to be corruption to the umpteenth degree,” said Louisiana  Republican Sen. David Vitter. “I think it’s appalling that Administrator  McCarthy and former acting Administrator Bob Perciasepe could claim that  sequester is depriving the agency of important resources when in fact their own  employees are stealing from the government.”

EPA employee John Beale, who worked in the air office, stole $886,186 from the  agency between 2000 and 2013. According to the criminal filing, Beale had stolen agency  funds through salary, benefits, and certain bonuses that Beale “had not earned  by providing employment services to the EPA.”
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