Forget Egypt & Syria…Has Anyone Seen Iran?

Written by Audrey Russo on August 25, 2013

While everyone is focused on the streets of Cairo and the photos of the latest atrocities by Assad and the al Qaeda Rebels … one nasty little player has been strangely absent from media reports and the cameras: Iran.

And why is that, pray tell…?

Well, they’ve taken out their nuclear party hats … celebrating the distractions that are allowing them to continue their march toward chaos and the entrance of their 12th Imam. And they are even contributing to the diversions…

This past Thursday, four rockets were launched from S. Lebanon into Northern Israel, by Jihad Islami who take their orders from Tehran and Lebanese Hezbollah (who ALSO take their orders from Tehran). They were Grad 120mm rockets (likely Iranian HM20). According to Debka file, “one of the rockets was intercepted by Iron Dome. None caused casualties, except for three shock victims, but they did cause damage to buildings and vehicles in Kibbutz Gesher Haziv and another unidentified location near the coastal town of Acre. The fourth rocket landed on vacant ground.” (Sadly, witnesses in Nahariya, Acre, Shlomi and the involved sites, all reported that the explosions were heard BEFORE the siren alerts were activated.)

They’ve been eerily quiet during this new bedlam in Egypt … and aside from the fact that Assad is their puppet … they have also been unobtrusive during Syria’s mayhem.

Why? Because there’s a method to their Muslim madness … these busy killer-bees have never ceased, for one nanosecond, their nuclear progress. So while their brethren are butchering each other (and innocent Christians), they have installed 18,000 uranium-enrichment centrifuges. Now, the new Iranian President Hassan Rohani (the crafty creep) … is a former nuclear negotiator who oversaw a previous deal to suspend Iran’s uranium enrichment, and has hailed new talks with world powers concerning the program. BUT he has maintained Iran’s right to enrich uranium. As a friend of my radio show, Reza Kahlili, has confirmed: Rohani is as hard-lined as Ahmadinejad … but with a softer shell.

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