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Four Ways You Can Tell If You Are A Cell Phone Addict

Researchers identified four characteristics of problematic cell phone behavior

Are you an Android addict? If you spend a big chunk of your life staring at your cell phone — or worse, thinking about it — your health may be at risk, finds a new study from the University of Washington.

After analyzing people’s habits, researchers identified four characteristics of problematic cell phone behavior:

Anticipation: Frequently thinking about calls or messages you may receive.

Activity interference: Choosing to spend time on your phone rather than talk to friends or family or engage in other activities.

Emotional reaction: Becoming angry when someone interrupts your phone time, or feeling irritated when not on your phone.

Problem Recognition: Recognizing you spend too much time on your phone and trying to cut back.

(Researchers found the more often you checks your cell phone, the more your stress rises. So check out these tips on how to better your work-life balance.)

The higher you score on a six-point scale measuring each of these traits, the more likely you are to abuse alcohol and experience anxiety (especially in terms of personal relationships), the research shows. And, when it comes to the “anticipation” measure, for every point your score jumps, your likelihood of being in a car accident increases 13 percent.

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