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Ft. Hood Terrorist Hasan Warned Of The Prospect Of “Adverse Events” By Muslim Soldiers

Fort Hood killer Nidal Hasan, in video footage exclusively obtained by Fox  News, told colleagues at Walter Reed Medical Center in 2007 that Muslim soldiers  should have the option of being released as conscientious objectors to reduce  the prospect of “adverse events.”

Hasan, a Muslim and an army psychiatrist, went on two years later to kill 13  and injure 32 in a shooting barrage at the Fort Hood military base in Texas. He  was sentenced to death by a military jury earlier this week.

“I think the Department of Defense should allow Muslim soldiers the option of  being released as conscientious objectors to increase the morale of non-Muslim  soldiers in the military as well as decrease adverse events,” Hasan says in  the video during a power point presentation.

Bearing an FBI logo, and subtitles, Hasan’s presentation titled “The Koranic  World View as it relates to Muslims in the US Military” was provided to the  defense as part of the discovery process in the Fort Hood case.

John Galligan, who is handling civil legal matters for Hasan, provided two of  four segments to Fox News “at the specific direction of Major Nidal Hasan.”

In the video, Hasan appears to be wrestling with his own issues, and whether  Muslims can serve in the military as the U.S. engaged in the Iraq and  Afghanistan wars.

“We always talk about God and country, but here we’re talking, we’re really  talking about God versus country,” Hasan said.

“He sounds like he’s just trying to explain how other people might think, but  as you listen and as it progresses you begin to hear…him,”  Matthew  Levitt, Director of the Stein Program on Counterterrorism and Intelligence at  The Washington Institute for Near East Policy told Fox after reviewing the  video.

“He seems to have already begun the process of radicalization.”

According to the Senate report “A Ticking Time Bomb,” which exhaustively  investigated the Fort Hood massacre, Hasan’s 2007 Walter Reed presentation went  through several drafts because it was not considered scholarly or  scientific.  One supervisor described the Army psychiatrist as quote “very  lazy” and “a religious fanatic.”

During the presentation, Hasan also stated as fact that former soldiers are  joining the ranks of terrorists.

“There’s a lot of soldiers, that once they actually leave the military,  they’re actually joining or trying to join groups like the Taliban and al Qaeda  and so you have to ask yourself..there’s something out there with these groups  that’s really resonating,” he said.

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