GIRLS – Rules for Dating My Sons

Published on August 11, 2013

6. Girls: just like my sons of dating age, you too need a job. Chivalry is not dead, my sons will pay, too, but you are not his (or my, for that matter) dependent while you are dating my son.

7. Girls: you must be both ambitious and accomplished. If you are not heavily involved in school and or age-appropriate activities, you are out of your element and you are warned now to “Get Lost”. My sons have high expectations put upon them by myself that make them accomplished. There is no play here for a girl who needs to “get a life” (or is in need of better parents to lead her to a prosperous youth/ life).

8. Girls: you, too, need to adhere to proper date night etiquette. No staying out late, smoking, booze, drugs, driving / acting like an idiot, hanging out with the wrong crowds. My sons know this, so you, too, must Be Smart. I may be watching like a hawk; and Yes, there is a GPS tracking device on my sons’ car that you can’t find. I may even put one on yours.

9. Girls: understand, these boys will always be my sons first! Nature did this and you can’t change it. YES, I insist. Whenever I call them, have a plan for their weekend, time to take them hunting, or doing guy stuff, spending time with “just family” or meeting their other obligations, they’re going to do it. I insist. There is plenty of time for you to ride in the front seat, but I’m Big Daddy at my call. Get used to it.

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10. Girls: think about the small things. Turn off your cell phone, greet me and my family properly every opportunity “including my son”, use proper grammar, smile when you talk, dress appropriately, be nice to my wife (aka my sons’ mother) and look me in the eye when I talk to you; and no sarcasm in tone, vernacular, or body language. Don’t burn your bridge with me by being just “stupid in the moment” if you’re otherwise worthy of my sons’ attention.

Randy Lee is father of two boys ages 16 and 12.

Image:; author Nantucket Historical Association; taken from Flickr’s The Commons; no known copyright restrictions

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