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Kentucky Senatorial Race for 2014: A Preview

Please note: I am not endorsing any particular candidate in this article. I am merely speculating on how the race could turn out. The election isn’t until next year, therefore it’s too early to tell how things will turn out.

Next year, there will be mid-term elections across America. Among the various races at the federal, state, and local levels is the Senate race here in Kentucky. Senator Mitch McConnell will be facing Tea Party candidate and businessman Matt Bevin in the Republican Primary. The McConnell campaign and its supporters have already posted negative ads about Bevin, such as declaring him to be a snake oil salesman via allegations of lying about being an MIT graduate (even saying he never went to school there), as well as his directing a business that was fined for defrauding its investors and for not paying taxes. Bevin has responded to these ads by declaring them to be mudslinging and that McConnell is a RINO who votes for earmarks and bailouts.

In addition to McConnell and Bevin, retiree Gurley Martin will also be a contender in the Republican Primary. So far Martin has only focused on the issue of big government, nor has he really said anything about his opponents.

So let’s take a look at how the Republican Primary might turn out. McConnell might win the primary, due to his experience and his war chest ($10 million, some say $11 million). However, many people across the state are tired of his giving into the liberal agenda in Washington. In fact, there were some people here in Kentucky wanting to “Ditch Mitch” back in 2010 (when Rand Paul was elected to the Senate). Such dissatisfaction with McConnell will help Bevin, but the question is how much?

Meanwhile, the Democratic Primary consists of Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, businessman Ed Marksberry, University of Louisville professor Greg Leichty, and musician Bennie J. Smith.

Grimes is the favorite in the Democratic Primary, despite being accused of ethics violations and a lawsuit filed by Marksberry against the Democratic Party in Kentucky over its support for Grimes. Such action, according to Marksberry, violates the Democratic Party’s governing rules and by-laws since it is favoring one of the Democratic candidates over the others.

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Andrew Linn

Andrew Linn is a member of the Owensboro Tea Party and a former Field Representative for the Media Research Center. An ex-Democrat, he became a Republican one week after the 2008 Presidential Election. He has an M.A. in history from the University of Louisville, where he became a member of the Phi Alpha Theta historical honors society. He has also contributed to and Right Impulse Media.

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