Open Hearts, Open Minds, and Dismembered Children

Written by Mike Adams on August 2, 2013

It is time for pro-life members of the United Methodist Church to bypass the offering plate and consider renouncing their membership in this rabidly pro-abortion church. Unfortunately, that’s not likely to happen as many UMC members are not even aware that their church was a founding member of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice in 1973. In other words, many Methodists have unwittingly supported the church while it has wholeheartedly endorsed the forty-year American Holocaust.

The UMC has a “General Board of Church and Society” as well as a “Women’s Division of the General Board of Global Ministries,” which are both members of the Religious Coalition for Reproduction Choice. But the name “religious coalition” is deceptive. It is actually a political coalition dominated by Leftists churches like the United Church of Christ and the Unitarian Universalists, the latter of which is not even Christian.

These Coalition member organizations claim to hold a wide variety of views regarding so called reproductive choice. Tellingly, they do not even agree when life begins or what differentiates “life” from “personhood.” Even though they can’t decide when abortion constitutes the termination of life or personhood, the UMC is committed to working with the Coalition to keep abortion legal. They explicitly state that they do this “for all persons (emphasis mine) through the moral power of religious communities.”

Strangely, the UMC still doesn’t know what they mean by “persons.” But if you are a person, you can have an abortion because they don’t know if you are killing a person. They glibly assert that the church has the “moral power” to kill something even if they don’t know what “it” is.

The Coalition also supports the right of “all persons (emphasis mine)” to have access to a wide range of reproductive health services including “sexuality education.” So the agenda supported by the UMC isn’t just limited to abortion. If your mother decides not to abort you then at some point – a point which the coalition can’t agree upon – you become a person. Then, as a “person” you have a “right” to have access to “sexuality education.” Note that the church cannot get into the abortion debate without entering into debates about “sexuality.”

Of course, sex is the reason why the UMC is in the debate in the first place. When a church systematically ignores issues of sexual sin, parishioners change their lifestyles. Those lifestyle choices drive the stance on abortion, not the other way around.

The UMC supported Coalition also has an “All Options Clergy Counseling program,” which trains clergy of many faiths to assist women in discerning the course of action that they (the women) believe is best in a case of unintended pregnancy. The Coalition isn’t training clergy to discern when life or personhood begins. They are just there to facilitate whatever course of action the woman thinks is best. The question is: why do the women need a clergyman (or clergy person) to do that?

Pastors are supposed to lead people towards correct moral decisions. If the pastor does not know whether abortion involves a person or even a human, then what is the correct moral position? Who takes the lead in such a discussion?

The UMC says it supports the Coalition’s efforts because it wants to help “counter attempts to enact restrictive legislation that would impose specific religious views about abortion and reproductive health on persons of all faiths.” So they use their “power of religious communities” to form a political coalition, which makes abortion a constitution right and prevents “persons of all faiths” from enacting state level legislation banning abortion.

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