Open Hearts, Open Minds, and Dismembered Children

Written by Mike Adams on August 2, 2013

Note also that the Coalition takes a broad position that would prevent pro-life atheists and agnostics from advancing a legislative agenda consistent with their beliefs. In other words, the Coalition uses its “power of religious communities” to politically neuter those who don’t share their pro-abortion choice views. They are politically committed to imposing their religious view that Roe v. Wade was a morally correct decision. This is consistent with their political support of United Nations population control initiatives.

Before we proceed, it is worth summarizing the basic United Methodist view of the relationship between religion and abortion politics: 1. Religious coalitions that attempt to overturn Roe v. Wade and leave the abortion issue to the states are immoral because they impose one religious view on persons of all faiths. 2. Religious coalitions that attempt to preserve Roe v. Wade and keep the abortion issue out of the state legislatures are moral because they don’t impose one religious view on persons of all faiths.

Of course, this is all about power, which is why the official UMC statement on abortion includes this gem of a sentence: “factions within the United Methodist Church whose stated goal is to have the General Conference go on record in opposition to all abortions regardless of the reason are working towards the goal of severing all United Methodist ties with the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.”

I hope everyone follows what the Methodists are saying. Their position is that they must have unrestricted abortion on demand because others would actually ban it altogether. In other words, one extreme is better than the other. That’s just another way of saying that they are not morally neutral on abortion. They are for it and passionately so – to the point of joining coalitions to preserve it as a political “right.”

Put simply, United Methodists Church leadership is suffering from severe intellectual and moral hernia. If you think that sounds harsh, just click this link and see for yourself: ( Their official position is a model of intellectual and moral confusion.

The good news is that the UMC has lost millions of members since it began endorsing the dismemberment of millions. Pro-life Methodists should join the exodus and take a stand for unborn persons being slaughtered in the name of open-mindedness, compassion, and inclusiveness.

Author’s Note: For further reading see James 4:17.

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