Senator Sessions Says: Put The Immigration Bill On Hold

Published on August 14, 2013

Accounts that U.S. border officials are facing a surge of Mexican immigrants  claiming asylum by using a few key words prompted a top Republican senator to  call for the pending immigration bill to be put on hold “until these abuses are  ended.”

Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., one of the most vocal critics of the  comprehensive immigration overhaul being pushed on Capitol Hill, said the surge  in asylum requests “has exposed another grave flaw” in the implementation of  federal immigration law.

Documents obtained by Fox News show Immigration and Customs  Enforcement has been paying for hotel rooms for dozens of recently arrived  families to relieve overcrowding at processing centers in the San Diego area.  Some ICE employees are working overtime and others have been asked to volunteer  to work weekend shifts.

Sessions pointed to the wave of asylum requests in arguing that, while the  Senate has already passed an immigration bill, the House should not proceed  until the issue is addressed.

“The House cannot allow such actions to continue,” Sessions told  in a written statement. “They must use every power they have to end this  absurdity. No immigration bill should advance until these abuses are  ended.”

Sessions, as well as the unions representing some immigration officials, have  made similar arguments before about other alleged enforcement gaps — like the  practice of not deporting illegal immigrants accused of low-level offenses. They  claim the bill, as drafted in the Senate, does not address these gaps.

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