CNN Miami: Police found no gun at George Zimmerman domestic disturbance call

More details are emerging from the domestic incident allegedly involving George Zimmerman and his estranged wife Monday. Twitter lit up earlier today with “early reports “that Zimmerman had been arrested for pointing a gun at his wife, but those reports turned out to be false — Zimmerman was not arrested, and no one’s quite sure what was going on with that gun, other than there was a firearm at the scene. Or maybe there wasn’t.

CNN Miami’s Kim Segal says police told her they did not find a gun anywhere on the scene.







MSN reports that Shellie Zimmerman told a 911 dispatcher that her husband had his hand on his gun as he sat in his car outside the home owned by her parents. However, Police Chief Steve Bracknell said that she later changed her story and said she never saw a firearm. She has also declined to file domestic violence charges, reports say.

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