An Open Letter to ‘the Maverick’ John McCain

Written by Ron Collins on September 10, 2013

Senator McCain,

You, sir, have my respect for your outstanding service in the military. You have rightfully and dutifully earned the respect and honor of millions like me. As a teenager, the hell you endured became clearer to me while reading accounts of the Hanoi Hilton and her “guests.” You endured hardships and torture most of us cannot begin to truly imagine. For that, you have our praise and respect.

While I have watched you slowly lose grip with America over the years, I still cast my vote for you in 2008. Even though you helped craft the 1st amendment stifling legislation known as McCain-Feingold, I still voted for you. Pearls before swine.

But you are the Maverick! No longer confined by a bamboo cage. The only things holding you back from real progress now are those pesky conservatives.

A real Maverick in the Senate. You were the one willing to cross the aisle and work with the other side on legislation deemed untouchable by the Republican party. For instance; in the early Bush years you were bold enough to vote against Bush’s tax cuts.

In regards to the George Zimmerman trial, where “stand your ground” was never an issue, you appeared on CNN and praised the president for his speech concerning a “need to review” the stand your ground law. That’s a well informed Maverick.

You are such the Maverick, ever willing to buck the system, that when fellow Republicans stood to filibuster the authority of the United States to drone her own citizens, you called those opposed “wacko-birds.”

Being more Maverick than thought possible, you stated your belief that the biggest hindrance of “doing the Lord’s work in the city of Satan” consists mainly of your fellow Republicans.

The civil war raging in Syria poses no threat to the sovereignty of the United States. While a hundred thousand dead Syrians failed to get your attention, now we must act? Our men and women in uniform may be trained professionals at their jobs, just as you were, but any military action against Syria would be placing them needlessly in harms way. Consider those military and civilian Americans who then become targets for revenge, my dear Maverick.

Meanwhile, the Senate is holding hearings to discuss this “critical issue” concerning Syria and you were busted playing video poker. When casually, jokingly, asked about it by news anchor Wolf Blitzer, you replied that at times during these arduous three hour hearings, you get “a leetle bored.” And the really bad news was you managed to lose thousands of dollars.

I am sure you are fully aware that securing your release from that POW hell in Viet Nam was a direct result of the Paris Peace Accords, negotiations that were headed by Henry Kissinger from 1968 to 1973. Judging from that time line, I am fairly certain they lasted longer than three hours. You should be grateful Kissinger didn’t show up with a deck of cards and poker chips.

Mr. McCain, your service and duty to our country has been noted. You have served our Country and are respected for that. Now, you need to respect the Country you claim to “serve”, as a Senator, and resign. Perhaps Mr. Bored can get a job promoting the video poker game he played while discussing the fate of American troops: I don’t always play poker, but when I do, it’s during a crisis discussion that may cost American lives.

I feel for those who still bitterly cling to their beloved Republican party. Over the last decade the line that divides the two party system has become about as vague as pResident Red Line. If the current activities of congress and the president, the blind eyes turned on the scurrilous scandals and usurpation of our liberties, have not awakened you, sleep on brother, you are of no use to me.

Image: John McCain (R-AZ), United States Senator; source: 111th/states/az.pdf; author: United States Congress; public domain

Ron Collins was born in '70. Raisin' chickens and shootin' groundhogs by 5. A little bit hillbilly, a little bit city boy, but always an unashamed and politically incorrect American. Best advice he took from his father: 'Find your heroes among American History not Hollywood or the sports arena.'