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Cruz and Others Warn Us About Obamacare on the March

Obamacare seems to be the hot topic of the moment. Never mind that Kerry just signed a UN Arms treaty which could threaten our Second Amendment rights while we are all seemingly distracted by the honorable Ted Cruz’ mock filibuster and the Senates attempt to vote on the affordable care act. Obamacare is the hot topic of the moment.
Passions run high when it comes to this topic. Democrats believe that Republicans want to keep poor people from getting healthcare, and Republicans believe that Democrats want to set things up for a single-payer healthcare system. So who’s right?
I am a firm believer in the “boots on the ground” method of gathering information. I have spoken to small-business owners, people like you and me who own restaurants, small stores, and other types of small businesses. Many have stated that they are holding off on hiring new people because they are afraid of how much higher their benefit packages may cost. There is a huge concern that benefits will become too expensive because of Obamacare, as such these businesses have had to cut back on employee hours and new hiring.
Even the unions are starting to question whether or not this will benefit them. Unions, those who strongly backed the movement at first are now starting to question it. That in it of itself is very telling, don’t you think? Not to mention that government officials themselves don’t want to use Obamacare! Why ever would that be? How can the people passing this act, not want to use it? Oh, and of course big business along with the government is granted exemptions.
This is just another form of the government destroying our country. I’m certain that most of you that work in the USA are sure to have come across the term outsourcing. Outsourcing is just another “cost cutting” initiative where companies hire cheap labor overseas to do the same job for a fraction of the cost. I have first-hand experience with this, and here is what it accomplishes, NOTHING! IT ACCOMPLISHES NOTHING! Americans end up out of work. The companies replace them with cheap, incompetent workers and in the short term, some executive gets to say, “Look I saved the company money.”
That’s Obamacare for you, Obama and the administration will be able to say, “Look, during this presidency, we implemented Universal Health Care in America!” Meanwhile, some small businesses will have to shut down. Many will stop hiring and growing their businesses, and many low-wage workers will be shifted to part-time work instead of full-time positions. Thirty hours or more and they are supposed to provide coverage, so keep them at 29 hours, and you avoid it. According to the Chamber of Commerce, half of small businesses is shifting to part-time work! This hurts everyone, would you not agree?
Let’s not even get into the constitutional legality of this act. The Obama administration said that it was not a tax, yet the Supreme Court said that the only reason it was constitutional is because it is a tax. Wait, what? I’m confused; it is not a tax, but it is only constitutional because it is technically a tax? What’s it going to be, fellas? Are you honoring the constitution, or are you breaking the laws of this land?
Well, that tax, or penalty, or whatever you want to call it is now addressed as “Shared Responsibility Payment” by the IRS. Oh, these liberals and their clever naming schemes. These are the same people that call child molesters the more politically-correct term “Minor attracted people.” Call it what it is, don’t try to dress the term up in a pretty dress, a tax is a tax. The single highest tax in American history is the single highest tax increase in American history regardless of what you attempt to call it by. Don’t try to call a duck a chicken; a duck is a duck. Quack, quack!
My buddy Joe Hakos from The Dryer  Report sums it up best with this statement below:

Bottom line is that ACA is designed to FAIL. It is designed to ruin  the health insurance industry as we now know it. When Obamacare fails,  and it will, there will be NO private system to fall back to as it  will go the way of the DoDo Bird and the Dinosaurs. What will be left  is the government-run system: Single payer. The goal that Harry Reid and Obama have openly stated before. The goal of all progressives for the past 100 + years. Once the government controls healthcare then our liberty and freedoms no longer exist. They can control it, tax it, regulate it and deny it. That IS the government way.

I’d like to give many thanks to Senator Ted Cruz and his friends in the Senate for their efforts in making the voice of the American people heard over the last day. As Senator Jeff Sessions said, “America will not socialize health care!” 

Images: Geburtstag Hindenburgs; Institution: German Federal Archives; Attribution: Bundesarchiv, Bild 102-13902 / CC-BY-SA; Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Germany

Angel Rodriguez

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