DEATH WISH: Dem Party Official Force to Resign After Wishing Death on Cruz’s Speech Writer’s Kids

Published on September 21, 2013

The Democratic Party of Sacramento County, California scrambled on Friday to deal with fallout from a series of tweets its communications chair sent Friday, in which he wished the children of a speechwriter in the office of Sen. Ted Cruz would endure a painful death.

By day’s end Allan Brauer was apologizing, but not before galvanizing conservative Republic tweeters against him in a virtual online bloodbath and losing his political position over what the party called ‘appalling and inexcusable’ comments.

Amanda Carpenter, a speechwriter and senior communications adviser to Cruz, the Texas Republican and tea party darling, tweeted her excitement Friday afternoon that GOP House members had removed Obamacare funding from a continuing resolution that would fund the government through December.

‘GOP beat gun control, changed Obama’s mind on Syria, is holding the line on amnesty,’ Carpenter wrote. ‘We can defund Obamacare, too!’

That’s when Brauer pounced.

‘May your children all die from debilitating, painful and incurable diseases,’ he tweeted.

The Twitter backlash was near-instantaneous, but Brauer kept doubling down, calling her ‘one of Ted Cruz’s pubic lice’ and insisting that the GOP ‘takes bread from the mouths of starving children and medicine from the sick.’

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