Granny In the Big House! Liberalism’s Most Wanted

Written by Wes Walker on September 21, 2013

Let it never be said that Progressives can’t get tough on crime.

Sure, they have a reputation for being thug-huggers, and pleading for some gang-banger or another to get a diminished sentence.  But who can really judge a man by the length of his rap sheet?

Could it be that the liberal’s reputation is unfair?

Well, ok maybe there was that guy who attacked a fellow passenger on the Greyhound bus.  And killed him. And beheaded him. And may have eaten parts of him.  And was getting day passes 3 years later.

And maybe there was that guy sentenced for 572 sex acts against boys at a famous hockey arena, who got 5 years in prison. That’s a little less than a year for every hundred assaults.  Perhaps that was a *tad* lenient.

There was Karla Homolka’s grisly story.  She helped her then-husband rape and murder two teenage girls.  Oh, right.  She also helped him rape and murder her own sister.  The guy had the book thrown at him, but she got away with a plea bargain. Last we heard, she’s living in Guadalupe with her new husband and three children, under a pseudonym.

You could point to Omar Khadr. (Remember the Gitmo teen who killed American medic Christopher Speer with a grenade?)  He has received endless press and sympathy from Canadian news and lobbying groups calling for his release.

But you will see that Progressives can get tough on crime.  There is a very good reason they aren’t calling for any of these peoples’ heads on platters.  They’re saving their righteous wrath for real criminal masterminds, worthy of their energies.  Someone they won’t feel is cluttering up the prison system and creating a needless drain on society.

They don’t want the pickpockets, vandals, petty thieves and hustlers locked away.  They certainly don’t want pimps and prostitutes locked away.  (Oh, that’s right, they call them “sex trade workers” now.)

Progressives here in Canada are setting their sights on the real enemy and grave threat to society.


Christian grandmothers.

With placards.

OOOOoooooOOOOoooooooh… scary!  (I know, right???)  

Isn’t it obvious?  Why should petty larcenists, child molesters, and wife-beaters languish in jail, taking up space that should be reserved for placard-waving grannies.

That’s not even the worst of it.

Her name is Linda Gibbons.  She is 64 years old.  On September 11th, she received the maximum sentence of six months incarceration.  This is not the first time she’s been jailed.  She is (gasp!) a serial offender.

You see, since 1994, she has regularly appeared near facilities where legal in-utero infanticides are performed. She has not touched or accosted anyone entering those facilities.  She stands with a sign.  She has spent years locked away for protesting Toronto’s “bubble zone” laws protecting abortuaries from otherwise lawful protest.

Linda’s lawyer said it this way,

Ms. Gibbons still stands charged with disobeying an 18-year-old temporary court order. This is an abuse of process, and she will continue to pursue that argument in the courts. Gibbons has opted to spend more than 10 years off and on in jail, refusing bail, for repeatedly refusing to obey the decades-old temporary injunction forbidding any kind of protest inside a no-protest zone established after the 1992 fire-bombings of two Henry Morgentaler clinics … She has never done anything violent or intimidating such as yelling. She has never shoved anything in someone’s face such as a sign or leaflet. Her arguments focus on the humanity of the unborn, and she seeks to help women who are thinking about abortion see that there are alternatives. Linda is in jail because peaceful expression has been criminalized.

As a result of her persistent protesting of these places, she has spent more of her time locked up than free in the last 20 years.  To recap, the guy with almost 600 counts of sexual assault on boys was only locked away for 5 years.  Linda is more than double that.

Linda’s case went to the Supreme Court, where she failed to persuade the courts.

But there’s a twist to this case.

During this latest imprisonment, Linda’s 45 year old daughter succumbed to complications from a stroke.  Linda requested permission to attend her daughter’s funeral.  Permission was denied.

Because here in Canada, we take serial offenders seriously.

Not like Alvin Starblanket (who names these people?) who beat a 61 year old priest to death, and less than a year later killed a fellow inmate (stabbing him 187 times with a thin metal rod).  Alvin got permission to visit a dying relative in the hospital.  I suppose that’s because we reserve our harshest penalties for truly hardened criminals, like Linda.

Justice Bhabha said that a strong message needs to be sent to [Linda] … “a martyr for her cause” and “very likely” to be before the court again … She added that Gibbons was not amenable to rehabilitation and that her conduct needs to be denounced.

Another judge’s previous sentence was reduced in appeals.  It turns out that it isn’t appropriate for a judge to say “your God is wrong.

Let us all sleep soundly knowing such terrors are safely locked away; and liberals, too can sleep soundly knowing their right not to be offended by offensive facts, consequences or reality, is being rigorously upheld by the courts.

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