‘I’m psyched for Obamacare!’ Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman slams ObamaCare on SNL

Saturday Night Live poked fun at the ObamaCare act and the possible federal government shutdown in their opening jokes for their first show of the season last night – with President Obama being joined by a series of characters including Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman.

While in Washington the House Republicans’ showed they were serious and edged the country toward shutdown with their vote, SNL provided some punchlines.

Jay Pharoah, of course took on the role of Obama, meeting the kind of people the health act could help. And he was joined by Breaking bad star Aaron Paul in the first of three cameos.

‘I’ve asked everyday American people what they think of the affordable care act,’ said Obama as he introduced a sales clerk from Maryland.

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‘I’m psyched for ObamaCare. Now that I have free healthcare I can get sick all the time! I’ve stopped washing my hands and I’m licking mad subway poles,’ said the clerk.

Next, Obama introduced a father and a son and said, ‘One great thing about the Affordable Care Act is that your children can stay on your insurance until they’re 26.’

The father replied, ‘I am so relieved that my dumb, lazy, good for nothing son has good health coverage.’

Pointing at Obama, the father replied, ‘He made sure my son will never have to lift a finger to get insurance.’

The son retorted, ‘If I’m such a loser how come I have health coverage?’

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