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News Clash

JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON: A List of Black on White Beatings and Murders, Thanks Obama

* – Below are a few links to stories you will never see on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN OR MSNBC

Evidence suggests murder of Memphis nurse was ‘for Trayvon’ shooting

Man nearly stomped to death amid shouts of “black power”

Man beaten with baseball bat by group of black men in D.C.

Black mob breaks white student’s arm on school bus in Florida

Black mob shouting “honky” beat man in Kentucky

Another “for Trayvon” beating in Baltimore

Police not sure if mob beating “for Trayvon” was racially motivated

Georgia man killed in black-on-white hate crime

Mob “hunted” white victims in Cincinnati

Road rage? Or another “for Trayvon” beating?

No hate crimes charges in racially motivated beating of white family in La.

Teen charged with brutally raping 93-year-old woman in Indiana

Black mob beats white woman in Pittsburgh hate crime

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