MAN STUFF: 10 Types of Women to Avoid Dating

Published on September 14, 2013

1.  The Stage 5 Clinger

The movie “Wedding Crashers” provided a good example of stage 5 clinger behavior.  Luckily, these types of woman are among the easiest to spot out of all the rest.  Chances are if you are involved with one, you’ve probably received eight text messages in the time you’ve been reading this passage.  These are the types of women who are apt to love you after the first text and permanently attach themselves to your side.  Unless you are a glutton for punishment, avoid the stage 5 clinger at all costs.

2.  The Airhead

If your girlfriend is more concerned with Kim and Kanye’s baby than with current events then there’s a good chance she falls under this category.  The airhead is one of the more dangerous ones on this list as there seems to be an inverse relationship between IQ and attractiveness.  This one will be hard to let go of, but gentlemen, let go you must.  Appearances fade over time so that awesome bikini body in her 20s morphs into something considerably less attractive in her 40s. At which point you have a lifetime of “Jersey Shore” to discuss.  Good luck with that one; don’t say we didn’t warn you.


3.  The Party Girl

The party girl is awesome in college when you’re in your early 20s.  After that, she becomes considerably less awesome.  Look, it’s all good to have fun and cut loose but when you are looking to settle down into something more serious, having a girl whose out until last call every night will definitely complicate things and cause friction in the relationship.  The party girl has a limited shelf life of between 18-24 years old.  Anything after that and you should probably look elsewhere.


4.  The Gold digger

The gold digger is usually easier to spot than the control freak as the control freak can take a significant amount of time before she surfaces whereas the gold digger usually will not entertain anyone who isn’t loaded or willing to drop ridiculous amounts of cash on her.  Unless you are a fool with deep pockets or don’t mind having your bank account drained, avoid these women at all costs.


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