MAN STUFF: The Top 10 Manliest Dogs

Published on September 14, 2013

1.  Pit Bull

These dogs have a negative association surrounding them due to irresponsible owners but when raised and trained correctly they can be excellent household pets.  This breed has been used in combat since as far back as the early Romans, fighting in the coliseums.  Equipped with a strong and stocky build; make no mistake about it, this dog will absolutely destroy you if threatened or provoked.  If you happen to be on the wrong end of a pit bull attack, you better say your prayers and hope someone is listening.

2. English Mastiff

For those wanting the option to ride their dog into battle, the English Mastiff would be the breed for you. The largest dog available by mass, these bad boys require significant upkeep as they require plenty of exercise and activity to stave off health problems due to their size. The breed is known for their mild temperament but will not hesitate to protect their master. There is also a good possibility they are a direct descendant of the Cerberus, the legendary three headed dog in charge of guarding the gates of the Underworld. I’m kidding of course, but their size definitely makes you wonder.


3. German Shepherd

A beautiful and majestic breed whose intelligence and strength is legendary worldwide. This breed is one of the top picks of law enforcement and has seen its fair share of wartime as well. Their intelligence allows them to be highly trainable and adaptable to nearly every situation and as a result, they serve as great, faithful companions.


4.  Rottweiler

The origin of this breed was for herding purposes but their intelligence, strength and ferocity have proven them to be both a great family and guard dog.  Routinely used in police forces and as service providers, if you happen to be on the run from a Rottweiler, chances are it won’t end well for you.  Maybe it’s the combination of black and brown that make the first two entries on our list so ferocious looking.


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