Obamacare: The Crown Jewel of Democrat Ideology

Written by Marilyn Assenheim on September 29, 2013

One would think that Americans would have lost patience with Democrat lies long before now; the primary contrivance being classic projection. A Democrat does something then blames the behavior on someone else, regardless of evidence to the contrary. In this case, Democrats are doing everything in their power to defuse the will of the people and popularize the cesspit that is Obamacare. Take Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa). Please.

The National Journal quotes Harkin, speaking on the floor of the Senate Friday morning, as follows:

a small group of willful men and women who have a certain ideology … have been able to take over the congressional budget debate in the last week. Since they can’t get their way, they’re going to create this confusion and discourse and hope that the public will be so mixed up … It’s very dangerous … we are at one of the most dangerous points in our history right now. Every bit as dangerous as the break-up of the Union before the Civil War.

Strangely, regardless of how contrary to public will a Democrat dictate is, Democrats are never “ideological.” Only those with contradictory opinions are. Textbook projection. Harkin is matter-of-fact when he invokes the horrors of “discourse.” Discourse creates “public confusion.” So much for the first amendment.

Note that Harkin blames “a small group of willful men and women who have a certain ideology.” He is talking about Ted Cruz and a Congress that has finally pulled up its big boy pants to enact the will of the majority of the electorate, Republican and Democrat alike. What the majority of the nation wants doesn’t matter. Harkin is disdainful of the people. He ignores the voting public with typical ruling class scorn. It is just a few radicals in the House that are at fault. If he says so often enough he will surely fabricate some belief.

Harkin is not alone in the push to make ideological humbug the truth. RINOs have adopted the Democrat cudgel. Instead of launching offensives against their so-called adversaries across the aisle, they attack Senator Ted Cruz, one of the few members of Congress willing to fight for what the American people want instead of protecting their refuge at the public trough. Republicans hacks, such as Senator John McCain and Congressman Peter King, couldn’t wait to rip into Cruz.

Republicans claim that Cruz didn’t consult them before haring off on a wild crusade. He needed to “have patience” and approach Obamacare “the smart way.” The trouble with those arguments is that they are lies. Senator Cruz had been asking his brethren for ideas since he was elected. Not a single idea was forthcoming from RINOs, except sit and wait for Obamacare to fail.

On Friday, the Senate voted 54-44 to cram Obamacare back into the House’s funding bill. Several RINOs joined Democrats in that vote. Now the bill goes back to the House. Speaker Boehner stated such a bill won’t pass his House. But FOX News postulates that: “House Speaker John Boehner could, theoretically, just call up the Senate-passed bill and rely on mostly Democrats to pass it. But House Republicans are under heavy pressure, now, from fellow conservatives to stand by their demand that ObamaCare be defunded, or least delayed.” They have until midnight, Monday, as a last resort, to make it stick.

The Democrats have launched a Hail Mary, partisan attack to fully fund Obamacare, once and for all. Their attempt to make the public see what Democrats want it to see is abetted by a slavish media. The Weekly Standard reports that

NBC announced today that it would be launching a week of programming to help Obamacare get off its feet, according to a press release sent out by the network … The NBC release says it will help explain how to enroll in Obamacare, a service no doubt to President Obama who has himself been barnstorming the country to try to boost enrollment in the program.

So much for a non-partisan media.

It’s what Democrats covet so there’s no ideology here.

Image: Source: P032210PS-0489; author: The White House from Washington, DC; public domain

Marilyn Assenheim
Marilyn Assenheim was born and raised in New York City. She spent a career in healthcare management although she probably should have been a casting director. Or a cowboy. A serious devotee of history and politics, Marilyn currently lives in the NYC metropolitan area.