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The Truth About Rinos is That They Don’t Want to Know About The Truth

The truth about Rinos is more than just their not wanting to know the truth.  They flat out lied to voters who they set out to deceive by saying they would vote to defund ObamaCare, but they only had the intention to vote YES to CLOTURE all along so they can have it both ways (a technicality).  We can only guess what their motivation or satisfaction was to help downgrade or destroy our economy without remorse, or what compelled them to hurt citizens’ lives in daily ways.

John Cornyn was not along in selling us out on ObamaCare.  24 others did. He like the others thought they knew better than we did.  They kept using the excuse of being blamed for the government shutdown (which would never be shut down), which was a silly.  Ted was patient with them.   You could not find a more knowledgeable or just Senator than Ted Cruz who was valiant and honorable in defending this cause for over 21 hours on his feet without a drink or pause to go to the restroom. Instead of lauding him for his hard work, he was sneered at. His noble effort and clear, brilliant mind they saw as a threat. It’s a modern day version of Cinderella and the Three Step Brothers: the GOP.

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