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Obama’s Inconvenient Truth: Arm Terrorists, Disarm Americans

This past Monday, the same day that 12 innocent Americans were slaughtered in cold blood on home soil, Resident of the United States Barack Obama, decided to waive provisions 40 and 40A of the Arms Export Control Act (AECA). These provisions essentially ban supplying weapons and resources to countries who support terrorism. Under the AECA Section 40(d), the President of the United States may waive the ban on assistance to terrorists if he “determines that the transaction is essential to the national security interests of the United States.” Obama subsequently stated that he would, in fact, “waive the prohibitions in Sections 40 and 40(a) of the AECA to such a transaction.” The waiver essentially provides resources and weaponry to Al-Qaeda-backed rebels in Syria in hopes of overthrowing the Assad regime. Obama just can’t keep his sticky little fingers out of the cookie jar, can he?

A recent Washington Post poll revealed that out of 1,004 adults surveyed, 61% are against U.S. military involvement and support diplomatic measures in Syria. Of that same 61%, 48% said they would still not support U.S. military intervention if Syria does not fulfill terms of the agreement set forth. Of those same individuals surveyed, 53% disapproved of the Resident’s handling of the Syrian conflict.

While most Americans are in disagreement about America getting involved in the Syrian conflict, members of the Muslim community are voicing their support of Resident Obama’s recent decision to arm terrorists. Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi, a prominent Muslim cleric, recently voiced his support to Qatar TV for U.S. support and aid for the Syrian jihadists. Muslim support for a U.S. intervention only exists due to the fact that the Al Qaeda backed “rebels” do not have the resources themselves to successfully oust President Bashar Assad. Al-Qaradawi (who also supports suicide bombings and openly hates Israel … great guy, eh?) summed up Muslim support for Obama simply: “We do not have such power.” Gee, glad we could help, Sheikh.

There’s no doubt that this has been a tragic and concerning week in America. However, the Resident’s decision to waive the AECA provisions is of significant importance for two reasons. First, America’s reputation on the international scene. How do we look to places like Asia and the Middle East when we possess the leader of the world (or at least used to) who betrays his fellow Americans by providing assistance to the very monsters who killed almost 3,000 of our brothers and sisters on 9/11/01? As if he wasn’t a lying sissy before the Syrian conflict was on the table, this outright betrayal and deceit sealed the deal. When you put Obama up against a man like Vladimir Putin and Putin doesn’t look so bad, you know you’re in trouble.

Additionally, the absolute lack of any international or military alliances Obama has. So, the guy was an Illinois Senator for seven years … what kind of knowledge, skill, or experience does he even bring to an international conflict? We’ve seen how he handled a state and a country — let’s not risk a possible WWIII on this golf-loving rookie.

Second, Obama’s intentions not only internationally, but within his own country. Why are we aiding these terrorists? We’ve seen what providing weapons to cartels did in the Fast and Furious mess; why would arming or supporting Syrian “rebels” (AKA terrorists) end up any better? Will Eric Holder be present when the transfer takes place to ensure the terrorists use the weapons and aid properly?

And before going any further, why is our Resident pushing to arm and aid terrorists when he wants to disarm law abiding American citizens? Are terrorists more peaceful than you or I? Obama came out on Monday flatly condemning the Washington, DC Navy Yard shooting, but the terrorists he’s aiming to support kill thousands more than those who have been murdered in American mass shootings. That is not to take away from the tragedy of any mass shootings in America, but why is one more tragic than the other to Obama? Why did he show more emotion when addressing his stance on the Syrian conflict than he did the DC Navy Yard tragedy on Monday?  

Who knows if these questions will ever be answered or their truth be revealed. Two things are certain, however. One, our Commander in Chief has in allegiance to Muslim ideology. His alliance is crystal clear in the waiver of provisions 40 and 40A and I am honestly shocked his decision did not attract more coverage.

Second, Obama does not trust the American people. He actually trusts Al Qaeda more than his own countrymen. He and his sissy, cowardly cronies are always looking for new ways at limiting our freedoms and snatching our money. This is precisely why he has been relentless (and almost creepy) in limiting the 2nd Amendment. He cannot let us have the power and complete freedom we have been granted by God and the Founding Fathers because he is afraid of what we will do with it — and that he’ll lose power and be out of a job. And so he creates fear with smoke and mirrors and if you do not agree, you’re a mean, racist, bigot. He makes you feel like you did something wrong. A guilty conscience usually works that way.

Gena Michael

Gena Michael is an Arizona transplant/U of AZ Political Science graduate living in Boston, MA. She values God, family, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. She enjoys cooking, traveling, girly stuff, guns, politics, and Boston sports.

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