PYTHON ATTACK: Massive Python Kills Husky in South Florida

Published on September 13, 2013

A once-powerful Siberian husky breathes its last  breaths as it lies helplessly in the death grip of a 38-pound python after the  serpent slithered into a Florida family’s  backyard and coiled around its neck.

Duke’s owners called emergency services just after 10pm when they saw the 10-foot African rock python coiled around their 60-pound pet’s neck on August 30. But within five minutes, he was dead. The news comes after a rock python that had escaped from a Canadian pet store killed two sleeping boys, Noah and Connor Barthes, last month.  It is not known when the python slid into the family’s backyard, in an area southeast of Tamiami Trail and Krome Avenue in Miami where a colony of snakes had been breeding. The homeowner, who refused to give her name, told CBS Miami her son tried to kill the snake. ‘He tried to take it [the snake] away from his [Duke’s] neck with his hands, his bare hands,’ she said. ‘It was so strong, he couldn’t do it. He ran out inside, he got gardening scissors. He tried to cut it off. It didn’t work.’  The woman said she had never seen anything like it in 10 years of living in the area near the Everglades. ‘Be careful, especially with young kids, because something that big can kill a kid,’ she said. Read More