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DEFRIEND: 21 Really Annoying Facebook Friends We All Have

If you’ve used Facebook for any amount of time now, chances are you’ve noticed how it can turn even your good friends into horrible, horrible people. Yes, even your nicest friends can turn into unbearably annoying narcissistic people who care only about themselves (and how awesome they are). Whether you knew it already or not, most of your friends probably fall into at least one of the following categories. You probably fall into a few of these yourself.


21. The Internet Meme Friend

These friends aren’t hard to spot. Every single status update they make involves an Internet meme or e-card of some sort. These aren’t just the friends who occasionally post a meme, they’re the ones who create their own customized memes and post them.



20. The Groupie Friend

These friends like and comment on all of your statuses almost as fast as you can post them. If you’re not sure if you have any Groupie Friends, just post a status and see who replies instantly. Somehow, they are always there within the first 30 seconds or less.


19. The Overly Obsessed Sports Friend

These are the friends who post a new status every turn-over during any live game. If you’re recording the game, these are the friends you hate the most. If you’re not into sports and are trying to ignore the sports season, these are the friends you outright feel like blocking for half of the year.


18. The Popular Friend

This friend has more friends than Ryan Seacrest. Even their really stupid updates get more likes and comments than your entire Facebook account has ever had, and that’s all within the first few minutes of them telling the world their random thoughts.

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