Lacking Support: DNC Remains $18 Million In Debt As 2014 Elections Approach

Barely more than a year before the 2014 midterm elections, the Democratic  National Committee is struggling to pay off debt and rebuild its war chest  while competing for donations with Organizing for America, the Web-based  political group created from the remnants of President Obama’s re-election organization.

Since the 2012 presidential campaign, which cost almost $7 billion and was  the most expensive in history, the DNC has been struggling with a debt load that stands at more than $18 million.

The Republican National  Committee, meanwhile, has no debt and about $13 million cash on hand. On  virtually every major benchmark — cash on  hand, debt and money raised to date — the RNC is outperforming the DNC.

DNC press secretary Michael Czin said results of the 2012 election,  which kept Democrats in control of the White House and the Senate, were worth the red ink. “We’re proud of what  we did last year and we would do it again. With the result we had, we’d be crazy  not to,” Mr. Czin said.

Some observers, however, are wondering whether the DNC debt could hurt Democrats in the  midterm election campaigns — particularly if the DNC is losing donors to Mr. Obama’s Organizing for America

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