Dr. Ben Carson’s Prognosis Of The Govt. : Morbidly Obese

Published on October 30, 2013

Dr. Ben Carson, Washington Times

We have all heard the news stories about  people so morbidly obese that they could not exit their house or apartment. I  remember one story of a person who had to be lifted out with a crane after a  wall was removed.

These people are addicted to eating, and in some cases, ate incessantly even  though they knew that they were jeopardizing their health and eventually, their  lives. They grew so large that they were barely able to move and rendered  themselves largely useless except as a food-disposal unit.

This reminds me of our federal government, which was  once agile and responsive, but now is so large and cumbersome that it has  difficulty with the simplest of tasks. In order to sustain this ever-growing  monster, it must be fed with ever-larger piles of our tax dollars.

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