Hey, Entrepreneurs! You Didn’t Build That, Because You’re Too Stupid?

Written by Ron Collins on October 1, 2013

The 2009 Economy Savior, formerly known as Stimulus, guided by the deft hands of Uncle Sam is back, baby! I kid, I kid. No word or chance (I think) the morons in Washington will try another stimulus sell. Who needs stimulus when the Fed is busy cranking out 84 BILLION dollars a month for the One Percent on Wall Street.

For those folks that spend so much time and effort demonizing the wealthy when it’s time to get re-elected, they are making certain the cash flow doesn’t stop for the wealthy. Odd.

I’m not sure where this new money is coming from, but here is the rub: After taking a brief hiatus the geniuses of Capitol Hill are at it again. With undeniable proof that natural gas is long term sustainable, profitable and creating jobs, the Jokers running this country have decided to start pumping money back into the guaranteed losers: green energy.

According to The Heritage Foundation 19 of the original stimulus recipients are already bankrupt and another 15 are going down the same path. Billions of dollars wasted, and we’re trying it again. To date, the tax-payer is responsible for – Washington has spent – an estimated 11 million dollars per green job.

Meanwhile, oil-and-natural-gas-rich North Dakota is struggling. Struggling to find employees. Struggling with 3% unemployment. The burger flippers complaining in Chicago and across the country that they just don’t make enough can move to ND and double their salary doing the same job. For the North Dakota oil and gas industry the average salary is 77K a year. ND is literally booming while Washington continues to ignore these hard facts.

Enter Captain Planet.

Obama on why taxpayers must subsidize green energy projects: “We recognize there are some things we do together as a country because individually we can’t do it — and by the way, the private sector on its own will not invest in this research because it’s too expensive, it’s too risky,” Obama said. “They can’t afford it in terms of their bottom lines. So we’ve got to support it, and we’ll all benefit from it and our kids will benefit from it and our grandkids will benefit from it. That’s who we are. That’s been the American story.”

Who agrees with President-You-Just-Can’t-Because?

Would Ford agree? The Wright brothers? Samuel Colt? Bill Gates? Steve Jobs? Each of these men changed the world. Over the course of our founding to the present, hundreds of folks in their likeness have invested their own blood, sweat, tears, time, fortune and effort into an unknown and managed to come out on top. Providing goods and services crucial and beneficial to the United States and all without government funding.

The private sector built this country. Oddly enough, up until 1913 Americans kept what they earned. There were a few occasions prior to 1913 where taxes were imposed and each time they were rescinded. (a recent FB posting had this “fact” slightly wrong) During the time of zero taxation we still had bridges, schools, roads and railroads. Communities functioned and grew. Some succeeded and others failed.

Invention and the entrepreneurial spirit has been the American Story.

Image: Orville Wright in flight; source: Library of Congress; http://www.loc.gov/pictures/collection/ wri/item/2001696497/; author: Wright Brothers; public domain

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