I’M SO PRETTY: How to Avoid The Crazy Narcissistic Woman

Published on October 31, 2013

You’ve met an incredibly hot woman. You’re almost infatuated by her. The chemistry is off the charts. She just captivates you like no other woman ever has before. Being with her is magical. You’re normally pretty cool and calm about relationships but something about this woman drives you crazy.

If you’re not with her you long to see her. When you kiss her you don’t want to stop. She’s incredible inside and out, but something’s amiss with this woman.

You start treating her like gold.  You start treating her like a princess like your Mom always taught you. You buy her things. You take her on holiday, and do beautiful things for her.  But there’s something wrong.  Something eating at you but you don’t know what.  That my friend, is what I call dating intuition.

You’re dating a woman who doesn’t really reciprocate the things you do for her. Her “thank you” is very weak, and she starts to behave like she expects you to treat her like royalty. It’s all one way traffic.  So what’s really happening here?

You’re dating a selfish, narcissistic person. There are plenty of them running around, but they disguise themselves really well. They’re generous as long as it’s on their terms, and the relationship is usually dictated by their rules and regulations.

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