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RUN FOR YOUR LIFE: Two thirds of women will try to change boyfriends appearance

Most women dream of meeting Mr Right, a one true love who will tick all the boxes.

But in reality nobody is perfect and so more often than not a compromise is needed.

While some character traits are deal breakers, there are certain elements to a boyfriend that can be moulded to suit and style, it seems, is one of them.

According to a new study, over two thirds of women admit attempting to turn their partner into their dream man by changing the way he dresses after they’ve already begun dating.

The research also revealed that the average British woman admitted it took 192 days into a relationship to turn their partner into their perfect man.

When asked why they wanted to change their partner, over a third (36 per cent) admitted they were embarrassed and ashamed to be seen in public with their boyfriend when they first began dating.

Choice of clothes (34 per cent), hair style (22 per cent) and, perhaps most worryingly, smell (9 per cent) were given as the main reasons for being reluctant to stand by their man.

To help them get there, nearly half (48 per cent) of women confessed to buying clothes for their partner to improve their appearance, with the average women purchasing 21 items a year for their other half, spending £493.08 in the process.

When it comes to styling our partners, recently retired footballer David Beckham shows he’s still at the top of his game, as he’s voted the celebrity fashion icon women most try to replicate for their man.

Becks was closely followed by X Factor duo Gary Barlow (19 per cent of the vote) and Dermot O’Leary (17 per cent).

Completing the top five is Essex heartthrob Mark Wright (11 per cent) and pop star Justin Timberlake (9 per cent).

A spokesman for, said: ‘Interestingly over two thirds of women will seek out a man and then alter their partner’s appearance once they’ve began dating.

‘It definitely shows the high standards we set for ourselves and the expectations we have for our relationships.’

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