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Story Must be Told, Conclusion: I’d Just Like to Say — Freedom

This is the last in my series, “Why Liberals Think as They Do: A Story That Must Be Told,” and I’d like to talk about the most important Right that we possess: Freedom. I would like to make a case for it, because without it we have nothing.
But to do this, we must talk about America, the country that has codified our natural Rights. No other nation on the face of the Earth has even come close to doing the amount of overall good that the United States has done in the world. Whether it’s philanthropy, medicine, science, innovation, even entertainment, the entire world looks to America to lead.

In space, the U.S. has visited every single planet (except for Pluto, but one is currently on the way) to explore and expand man’s understanding of the Universe. Right now, the United States has two space probes that are about to leave our own star system and explore the galaxy. The Danes, the Poles, the Iranians, the Indonesians, the British, even the Russians couldn’t do that. But, WE did! And I think about those two little spacecraft speeding away from me every now and then and it really makes me happy to think that some of my hard earned tax money helped pay for that to happen.

Would it also make me happy if my tax dollars could eliminate despair and poverty? Of course, but they can’t. No amount of money can do that. We’ve spent trillions of dollars on The Great Society programs since the 60’s, and although many people have been lifted out of poverty and have entered mainstream society, millions more have not. And they won’t as long as they’re continually filled with hate – a hate that is reinforced by community “leaders” and activists telling them that they need to hate someone, and it might as well be “whitey.”

Even the most powerful nation in the world can not give an individual the kind of hope that he or she needs to lift themselves out of despair. Only a strong community, society, and family can do that. And only when people are free (and safe), can those conditions exist.

But, lifting people up from despair isn’t really the main goal of the socialist. Their primary goal is political and that means a consolidation of power. And since they are so preoccupied with power (and force), their skills at persuasion are minimal. They don’t seem to understand, or care, that if you want a human being to do something, you need to convince him or her that it is within that person’s interest to do so, and/or that it is the right thing to do. Otherwise, you’re on your way to creating a totalitarian state by first forcing them to do the so-called “right” thing, and later forcing them to do everything.

More than 220 years after the Constitutional Convention secured our right to a truly representative government, most people on the planet still do not have the right to vote for their own Representatives. Yet, the Liberal Left continually asks Americans to give up more and more of their sovereignty to the U.N. and other global organizations in a misguided effort at “cooperation” with other countries. And many of the more extreme among them say that we should not be a sovereign nation at all, and should join a world government of some kind. Can you imagine how that’d work out?

Of course, that’s not to say that sometime in the distant future, some other “system” of governance will come along to replace what we have here in America. If that day comes, and The United States of America officially votes herself out of existence in order to join some new “League of Regions” she will have done so with the a clear understanding that this new “state of affairs” will be better for her people than the old one was.

But, that day is a long, long was off. And in fact, there isn’t even a light at the end of the tunnel to announce its arrival.

Until then, I leave you with this.

It’s your country, but I’m afraid to say that it’s been hijacked by a whole lotta people who have a whole lotta dumb ideas about re-engineering human beings and societies, and that these Socialist ideas have been tried and have failed – over and over throughout history.

Why we would ever want to put ourselves through another failed experiment is a mystery to me.

Don’t forget what Socialist Party candidate for president, Norman Thomas said in 1944:

The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism,” they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.

I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.

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Clark Howell

Clark Howell is a 50-something, former Liberal who, sometime in the mid 1980's, began to take notice of Ronald Reagan and the positive policies that he and his political allies brought to the table of American life and politics. Since first leaning about Barrack Obama and his ambitions in 2004, he has begun a quest to understand the motivations behind modern "Liberalism" and "Progresivism." Mr. Howell is a professional Marketing Consultant in Central Massachusetts.