Islamic Turks, Armenian Genocide & Obama’s Cover-Up

Written by Audrey Russo on October 30, 2013

It appears, after almost five years of this regime … the only thing transparent about it is: Their cover-ups. From Benghazi to the IRS, to the NSA, and so on … they have made an art out of covering truth.

But apparently, the disease of successful deceit is like a drug. They have added another to their list of paltering covers … and it involves the Smithsonian Institute…

In a disgraceful attempt to continue their campaign of either hiding the truth or changing the historical record, the White House blocked the Smithsonian from displaying the Armenian Orphan Rug.

Why, you may ask? Obama doesn’t want to offend Turkey.

Let’s take a look back, for a moment, on our dealings with Turkey and the Armenian issue…

Congress has attempted and failed numerous times to recognize the Islamic Ottoman Empire’s genocide of Armenian Christians in Turkey. Sadly, under the Bush administration, their attempt was shot down by Bush himself on Oct. 10, 2007, Bush explicitly implored a “NO” vote on H. Res.106, The Armenian Genocide Resolution. His concern was diplomatic relations with Turkey. (BTW, this concern was for a nation that on March 1, 2003, their parliament rejected a resolution authorizing the deployment of U.S. forces to Turkey to open a northern front in a war against Iraq.)

It was about Islamic “feelings” then … and it’s about feelings now. But ONLY, the feelings of Muslims … Christians, and even ORPHANS, don’t count in the Obama emotional economy…

A little about the Orphan Rug: The rug was woven by Armenian orphans in the early 1920s and formally presented to the White House in 1925. A photograph of President Calvin Coolidge standing on the carpet, dons the cover of a new book, President Calvin Coolidge and the Armenian Orphan Rug. The rug is a tapestry and response of these precious victims, reflecting the horrific events of 1915-20, when the Ottoman Empire began a murderous campaign against its Armenian Christian population. The credible estimates of Armenians slaughtered by the Ottoman Muslims are between 1 and 1.5 million, and others were deracinated from their homes in what has been considered the first modern and systematic genocide.

Many were left orphans, including the more than 100,000 children who were assisted by the U.S.-sponsored Near East Relief organization, which aided in relocation and protection of the girls who actually handcrafted the “orphan rug.”

The Orphan Rug was made in thanks for the United States’ assistance during the genocide … and now Mr. Obama is flipping the bird to the memory of that massacre. The so-called Christian President is preventing the memory of this horrific time in history, from being known to this generation. And coming from a party whose mantra is always: “It’s all about the children” … what about the Christian children? And in this case, ORPHAN Christian children? (I’ll bet if they were Muslim orphans, who wove a prayer rug, he’d be prostrate and kissing it right now.)

It’s time for our nation to cease ignoring this vile period in history. As a Jew, I would NEVER remain silent if the Shoah received this kind of treatment. Each one of these precious Armenian lives were of immeasurable value. Hurt feelings should never be equated with a precious human life. The idea that a US President would make such a comparison is egregious.
We must recognize this historical, Islamic atrocity. And the recognition MUST begin with the display of the Orphan Rug…

Shalom through strength…


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