Story Must be Told, Pt 15: ‘Collective Amnesia’ A ‘Liberal Disease’

Written by Clark Howell on October 8, 2013

In my 50 odd years of living in America, I find that we routinely hear “Liberal” politicians saying things like, “I think it’d be a good idea if the Federal government controlled everyone’s healthcare,” or “Wouldn’t it be great if the Federal government taught our children everything they needed to know about life?” which are absolutely Marxist/ Socialist ideas. And, if you know anything about history, you’ll remember that Joseph Stalin was also a really, really, really, bad guy.

So, why is it OK for those on the left to conjure up visions of Marxist utopia, when those on the right (and this is purely hypothetical, since the chances of it happening are nearly zero) would be absolutely crucified for doing the exact same thing in the “other” direction?

Liberals suffer from some sort of collective amnesia when it comes to Marx, Stalin, and the advent of Communism. They forget that Communism caused more human suffering in the last 100 years than any other ideology – including that of Hitler and Fascism. And yet, President Obama had chosen a man to be his Green Jobs Czar who actually labeled himself a revolutionary communist – and the leftist media didn’t blink an eye.

And recently, I heard a Democrat U.S. Representative speaking before a town hall group praising the Cuban heath care system and Che Guevara. This dumbbell also described Fidel Castro as being “one of the brightest leaders I have ever met.” I mean, honestly, who goes to Cuba to get well besides the prisoners that live on the island?

It gets worse. 58 Democrat members of Congress are also members of The Progressive Caucus of the US House of Representatives. Sounds OK so far … right? But, this caucus is a part of an organization called The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). The DSA is the largest socialist organization in the United States, and the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International.

Of course, it’s not illegal to belong to any group. That’s one of those little “rights” that Americans have fought for now for over 250 years. But, I would say that it should give you pause that members of the House of Representatives have so blatantly aligned themselves with organizations like this. At the very least, it’s unbelievably counter-productive and a monumental waste of time and energy – not to mention, just plain un-American.

Here’s what the DSA’s mission statement says: “We are socialists because we reject an international economic order sustained by private profit, alienated labor, race and gender discrimination, environmental destruction, and brutality and violence in defense of the status quo.”

I mean, come on. Haven’t we seen this crappy movie a hundred times already – on cable? The actors are lousy, the dialog sucks and the scenery’s drab. And after seeing it again, you come away saying “Why did I watch that thing? It still sucks!”

But, boneheads like Rep. Bernie Sanders, Cynthia McKinney, Peter DeFazio, and the always incorrect, and eternally stupid, Maxine Waters keep bringin’ it back … bringin’ it back, for one more show.

A wise man once said, when you’re going down the wrong path, turn around and find the right one. It’s the truly “progressive” person who realizes what they’ve done and turns around first.

If a politician like Diane Watson had said those things about Castro and Co. 20 years ago, that person would have been forced to resign politics immediately! Why is it OK now? Why is it OK for a member of the House of Representatives, someone who may be privy to sensitive intelligence information, to be able to give communism a “pass” and still retain their seat in the House?

Well, thanks to the efforts of those at the Frankfurt School (and others) we now have an answer.

The “evil genius” of Herbert Marcuse was that he helped to save Marxism from the trash heap of history by divorcing it from its direct association with economics and applying its tenants to any number of “victim” categories. Daniel Flynn explains:

The worker was erased and in his place came an endless stream of variables: the homosexual, the woman, the black, the immigrant. The enemy was no longer capitalism, but racism, sexism xenophobia, anti-Semitism, homophobia, and a host of other isms and alleged pathologies … Within a few decades, faith in the Marxist economic model had largely collapsed along with the Iron Curtain. However, Cultural Marxism still thrives.

It obviously thrives because people like Diane Watson, et al continue to prop it up at every turn. Marxism has to be artificially propped up, of course, because it simply doesn’t stand on its own – because it’s based on false assumptions. The major reason that there is so much terror heaped upon the populace is because, in part, those in power become infuriated when they discover the truth about human beings: That people are only partly greedy, partly sexual, partly inquisitive, partly territorial, partly communal and partly group-identifying.

Everything that communist theory says we’re supposed to be … we’re not!

Therefore, in a totalitarian state, human beings must be un-naturally forced into acting in a way that’s in concert with what the State deems to be “normative” behavior – like having the federal government take over health care, (or maybe just dental) or some other draconian idea.

A normal person (let’s say your typical American) goes through his or her life using common sense and their own personal talents to help guide them. Marxists go through their lives using theories, because: THAT’S ALL THEY HAVE! To a Marxist, theory IS truth.

And their collective amnesia allows them to believe these things.

Next week, we’ll talk about the corrosive effects of Cultural Marxism and exactly what it’s doing to civil society and to politics itself.

Clark Howell is a 50-something, former Liberal who, sometime in the mid 1980's, began to take notice of Ronald Reagan and the positive policies that he and his political allies brought to the table of American life and politics. Since first leaning about Barrack Obama and his ambitions in 2004, he has begun a quest to understand the motivations behind modern "Liberalism" and "Progresivism." Mr. Howell is a professional Marketing Consultant in Central Massachusetts.