BOOMERANG: Man’s ‘I Cheated’ Prank Goes South When Girlfriend Admits Her Infidelity

What better way to celebrate your five-year anniversary than by fooling your girlfriend into believing you’ve cheated?

Professional YouTube prankster Roman Atwood did just that while he and his partner Britney vacationed in Aruba, thinking the stunt could live among his many others posted online.

But Atwood was in for the shock of his pranking career when his sobbing girlfriend admitted she’d been unfaithful, too.

‘I’m in Aruba right now celebrating my five-year anniversary with my girlfriend,’ Atwood tells the camera as he approaches their hotel room. ‘I’m going to prank her tonight by telling her I cheated on her.’

On his YouTube channel, Atwood has posted similarly tasteful prank videos such as ‘Scary Hangman Prank!’ and ‘Homeless Pizza Party Prank!!!’

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