BUSTED: Secret Service Arrests 81-year-old for Threatening to Kill President Obama

Published on November 23, 2013

An 81-year-old ‘birther’ from Wisconsin has been arrested for threatening the life of President Barack Obama.

Elwyn Fossedal, of Madison, made the threat last month at a local post office and repeated it several times, including while being interviewed by Secret Service agents.

‘If President Obama was here I would shoot him right there and kill him right now,’ Mr Fossedal said, according to an affidavit on the Smoking Gun.

Horrified bystanders notified police of the threat, they passed the information on to a local Secret Service field office.

Agents interviewed Mr Fossedal the day after he made the threat and he refused to back down.

Mr Fossedal ‘would not recant [the threat] made towards the President and repeated the threat using different words,’ the affidavit reads.

‘He also made a number of additional threats towards the President,’ the document continued.

Agents looking into the potentially dangerous man’s background discovered that his wife of 57 years recently passed away.

‘He is displacing his grief of her loss with anger,’ said the affidavit.

Agents also discovered Mr Fossedal is very familiar with firearms, and deemed him a threat.

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