A Class Act vs. A Classless Hack: Billy Graham vs. Barack Obama

Written by Doug Giles on November 12, 2013

What a stark contrast I beheld last week between our Lyin’ King President, Barack Obama, and our American treasure, the Reverend Billy Graham.

Watching the ninety-five-year-old Graham’s final message to America via the Fox News Channel last Thursday night hammered me in three particular ways.

First off, as a self-professed hard-ass, I must admit that I was choked up by the testimonies of transformed lives of the black gent and the suicidal female twenty-something. Matter of fact, and I hate to admit this, I even started to tear up a bit and I haven’t teared up since my dad and my dog passed.

As an increasingly jaded little monkey that I’m becoming living in the Obamaland of lies and lawyer tricks, I was struck in my soul, once again, with the ever present reality of the power of God that’s afforded to folks who take responsibility for their jacked-up lives and repent and believe.

Yep, without a shrink, minus meds and without a day in rehab (imagine that) those who watched the Graham special got to see and hear, in living color, the raw power of God afforded to two contrite people who put their hope in God. It was simple and beautiful. Remember simplicity and beauty? I know … it’s tough to harken back that far, eh?

The second thing that smacked me upside my head and left me enamored was watching Reverend Graham pull off ninety-five years on this pebble with nary a scandal. Indeed, not a live man or dead woman were ever found in his bed. Billy belted out a life of character and integrity, a character and integrity that was pretty much a given to his generation. But to ours? Eh, not so much. His example of meaning what you say and saying what you mean made me want to do the time warp again because I’m really getting sick of the mountains of stercore tauri that we have to field nowadays.

Thirdly, I was also struck that Graham’s message over the last sixty-plus-years hasn’t deviated one angstrom. He hasn’t altered the gospel’s dispatch of calling sin, sin. He hasn’t dumbed it down so that he can get Oprah’s accolades. He’s still wielding the double-edged sword of law and grace, a message that hurts and heals in one fell swoop to them that have ears to hear. Yes, it was a blessing to see that Graham hasn’t changed the message to kiss the therapeutic backside of our narcissistic, politically correct culture. Score 1000 points for Graham.

As you can tell, the Billy Graham special was like a cold class of lemonade on a hot summer’s eve to this redneck. It was especially refreshing because I had just watched Megyn Kelly rip and strip Obama and his lackeys lie and trip over their tongues trying to explain away the whopper they sold America on multiple occasions, namely, “If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what.”

What a shameful disgrace Obama is to humanity, true leadership and to this great country.

Finally, I’d like to address this to God on behalf of those who love God and country; that is if he’s still listening to us.  Here it goes: God, if you still like us and you haven’t already thoroughly written this nation off — for which I wouldn’t blame you at all — that said, would you please give us more leaders like Billy Graham and no mas like Barack Obama? In Jesus’ name … Amen.