Time for Change: Blind Allegiance, Brand Damage, and the Future of America

Written by Ron Collins on November 12, 2013

For the last three years the Affordable Care Act wasn’t demonized by the right because we were afraid of a half-white man in office. Tea party conservatives weren’t railing against this socialist program out of bitterness or because “we lost.” There is no racism; there is no hate; there is no blind party allegiance among them. There is love of Country and a sense of duty. We rallied and stood against this program simply because we saw it for what it was. We peacefully protested, we made phone calls to our congress critters expressing our discontent. When the time came we voted for those who said they would stand with us against this tyranny.

Ignoring our pleas, dismissing our protests, the machine continued to move forward. The Central Planners continued to plan. Now, in less than six weeks after the ACA implementation the Lyin’ King’s lies are coming home to roost. In my estimation the ACA has done more to bridge the partisan divide and unite Americans than all the cheap talk coming from our Overlords in Washington. For years the very ones who claim they are trying to reach out to the other side, work across the aisle and come together in bi-partisan agreement could not do what Obamacare has done.

For the past two decades Americans have been offered Coke or Pepsi at the voting booth. On the outside there may be a distinct difference; peel away the wrapper and the contents are very much the same. For many folks brand loyalty goes a long way at the polling stations. R or D, which shall it be? Neither party, as a whole, are willing to relinquish control and just let the people be free. We hear the sermons about reaching across the aisle, working with the other side or coming to a bi-partisan agreement on things that are “important for the American people” from both sides. Yet both parties continue to wage their stealth campaigns against our liberties and freedoms. Some wage a kinder, gentler war against our liberties and this is far more dangerous than the all out, in-your-face, socialist legislation, executive orders and laws. The Obamacare train wreck has nowhere to hide. Now, both the R and D low information constituents can see and feel the disaster.

Not only has the ACA managed to show America that a bunch of dim-witted, Gadsden-flag-waving rubes in flyover country are smarter than their political elites, it also exposed the glaring difference between a McCain Republican and a Cruz Republican. I believe many have come to realize that brand loyalty is not a viable option for saving the Republic.

For over thirty years I have tirelessly rooted for the Cleveland Browns. Week in and week out they hone their skills at losing winnable games. Though disappointed, I still root for the Browns. My blind support for them is OK, it’s football. The Browns do not effect policy change that restrict our liberties; the Republican party does, Democrats do.

Its time for Americans to drop brand loyalty and blind allegiance toward the two political parties and embrace the American brand and develop an allegiance to liberty. I don’t believe I hold the answers to our party woes, but I can say, never again will a squishy moderate get my vote. If no other options are available due to the ever growing rules that are restricting the people’s choice at the ballot box, then no one gets my vote. Much like the ACA, I will not participate.

I do not know if a third party is a viable option. A third party candidate certainly has the potential to break off a percentage of the GOP vote and in the end only serve to elect more liberals and Democrats to office. Not casting a vote, because no name on the ballot represents the Constitution or embraces American exceptionalism, may do the same. However, to continue this blind allegiance – the Cleveland Browns cheerleader attitude — toward the Republican Party poses just as great a threat, if not greater, to our freedoms and our liberties than an all-out, liberal agenda. The ACA has built a bridge that conservatives and liberty lovers must embrace and use to our advantage, as we tear it down.

Image: Courtesy of http://deathby1000papercuts.blogspot.com/2007/10/coke-vs-pepsi-bruce-lee-style.html

Ron Collins was born in '70. Raisin' chickens and shootin' groundhogs by 5. A little bit hillbilly, a little bit city boy, but always an unashamed and politically incorrect American. Best advice he took from his father: 'Find your heroes among American History not Hollywood or the sports arena.'