Courageous Karsenty: An Army Of One Against France 2

Written by Audrey Russo on November 10, 2013

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” ~Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World

Many of us in the states, who are aware of the situation in Europe, believe there are no truth lovers left in the EU. With the toxic cocktail of unabated socialism, a degrading moral fabric and a dubious Muslim population, there lies the seeds and fertile ground for tyranny. But the reality is, there is a man who has given up his time, treasure and reputation for more than a decade, to fight the Leftist media monster of State-controlled TV in France.

Philippe Karsenty, a French Jew and former stock broker, was assisted in uncovering blatant disinformation in the form of media footage, which was never verified or vetted by France 2 TV. YET this same unvetted film was broadcast as factual throughout the world media … against Israel. It was also recognized as the catalyst for the Second Intifada.

The faux narrative and footage of a 12-yr-old Palestinian boy, Muhammed al-Dura, who was supposedly shot and killed by the IDF, is the subject. The footage was poorly edited, yet was happily used by those already predisposed to anti-Semitism, to accuse Israel of a crime against humanity.

In a responsible manner, Karsenty brought the fraudulent footage to France 2’s attention and requested a correction. And so, in what should have dispelled the “shot heard round the world” … was instead one of the greatest denials of reality, and began a furious war for the truth in French media.

In an audacious act, France 2 TV sued Karsenty for libel … despite the fact that his case was unequivocal and the evidence empirical, and exculpatory for Israel. But as I have stated numerous times in the past: The layer of anti-Semitism that burns beneath the radar, that allowed for the Shoah, has never been completely extinguished.

And so it reveals its grotesque head once again in a refusal to authenticate the veracity of a story … that blatantly indicts the Jewish State.

Karsenty, left his vocation in a pursuit of truth … traveling globally to bring attention to this vile lie that did not remain in France, but spread like a pandemic across the Muslim world. It proceeded to tickle the Jew-hating ears of the Leftist media, and their supporters, everywhere that the despicable dwell.

Combine bad actors, a lousy director and the WORST post production on the planet and yet, it was utilized to provoke Israel, for political reasons, to proffer up an apology.

This, of course, was another unnecessary hurdle that Karsenty took in stride…

Meanwhile, spending his hard-earned money and precious time ( and having a Clinton-like scorched-earth policy used against him) Karsenty tenaciously continues his righteous crusade for truth. His exasperating legal battle has continued for over a decade.

Under new leadership, Israel now acknowledges Karsenty’s evidence … but France 2 TV, and the Western media? Not so much. Actually, not at all. They are holding firmly to this falsehood due to their aversion for truth.

Although Karsenty’s support has begun to increase, albeit laggardly, he remains an army of one against France 2.

So, is there yet hope for Europe? Will the World’s War on Israel finally cease?

With relentless warriors like Karsenty … I say, mais oui (but yes)!

Vive la vérité (long live the truth)!

Shalom through strength

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