HOPE & BS: Obama Bio for 4th Graders Says Whites are Racists and Details Obama’s Past Drug Use

Published on November 24, 2013

A biography of President Obama being studied by at least one fourth-grade class has received criticism for glossing over negative aspects of the president, painting white voters as likely racists and highlighting the commander-in-chief’s early identity struggles by focusing on his teenage drug use.

“As he got older, he started smoking and drinking. Was that what it meant to be black?”- “Barack Obama,” a biography read by fourth-graders

The book, “Barack Obama,” was published by Lerner Publishing in 2010 as part of their series “History Maker Bios.” All presidents going back to Richard Nixon — except George W. Bush — were the subjects of similar biographies published by Lerner, which did not respond to questions from FoxNews.com.

Critics also say the new Obama book is biased, pointing to a passage that reads, “but some people said Americans weren’t ready for that much change. Sure Barack was a nice fellow, they said. But white voters would never vote for a black president.”

Kyle Olson, founder of the conservative Education Action Group Foundation and EAGnews.org, said that is a problem.

“I have no problem with kids learning about Barack Obama … he’s the President of the United States,” said Olson. “However, the book teaches fourth graders that white voters didn’t want to vote for black men.”

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