Islam: The Real War on Women

Written by Pete Parker on November 14, 2013

There is no denying the fact that Islam is a hyper-misogynistic political system created by a man whose penchant for rape, sodomy and pedophilia has been well document.

Not a day a passes without hearing about an innocent women in some Islamic country who either had her genitals mutilated by some crazed imam, or gang raped by a pack of rabid Muslim men because she was caught in public with her ankles exposed.

In such places as the Islamic Republic of Iran and Saudi Arabia women are not permitted to drive, or venture outside the home without a male escort from their family. In fact — just last week — a women was arrested in the Saudi kingdom for simply driving her ailing father to the hospital.

(She faces a long prison sentence as well as 40 lashes.)

When questioned about this event — during his most recent trip to the Middle East — Secretary of State John Kerry said this situation was “best left to Saudi Arabia.”

What a cowardly bast*rd!

This is this the very man who waxed indignant because some horny, spoiled co-ed couldn’t get free birth control — yet says nothing about the draconian and primitive treatment of women in a nation that is considered a staunch ally.

This attitude is endemic of those on the left like Nancy “Botox” Pelosi and Hillary “what difference does it make” Clinton who shrill that American women are being treated “unfairly” if they are denied taxpayer funded condoms while remaining reticent about the brutal fact that Muslim women are beheaded for simply flashing a bare arm.

So, dismiss the fact that Barack Obama’s best friends — the Syrian rebels — have raped and mutilated scores of young Christian girls — the real injustice to women is a paucity of free, ribbed Trojans.

In the final analysis (despite the blizzard of lies, invective and cowardice from the Left) — the real war on women isn’t being waged by Rush Limbaugh — but rather by a bloody and barbaric system called Islam.

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Pete Parker is a Navy veteran and former strength athlete who writes about the current issues of the day from a conservative perspective. Pete was also the host of “TUFFTalk” radio which dealt with national security-- and the threat Islam poses to Western Civilization. He is very passionate about preserving our great nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage.